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Monday, March 10, 2014

Impulse buy

So this is my flat-to-the-wall (aka china cabinet). I bought it maybe 20 yrs ago when "antique" prices were high. Whoever had it before had done a horrible job of refinishing and the inside was electric blue! It took most of a summer to refinish the outside. I never was able to get rid of the blue, so stripped it then repainted the inside with a nice blue milk paint - popular paint at the time. Now a days I would probably use chalk paint. I've never been truly happy with it, always suspecting its a marriage of several parts. The one corner was broken off/repaired, the bottom doors are obviously not original and they never shut properly, but it holds a lot of china ;). So, this past week while perusing Kijiji I saw something advertised that took my fancy ..... 
Now, I have to be honest, I don't actually believe the hype in the Kijiji ad. This piece is not from 1880's, and is not a jam cupboard. I also suspect there have been some alterations to it. However, it is in better shape than the current bottom half to my fttw (flat-to-the-wall). I have to do a wee bit of work on the right door hinge and find a skeleton key/handle of some sort. At some point I will have to empty the fttw and get "the boys" (brother-in-law and nephew) over to help make the big switcheroo. BTW, those Hydrangeas on the top are from my front garden! In the meantime I'm kinda liking it's new location and have already found lots of stuff to store inside. Uhohhh !
Of course this has meant a shifting of other pieces on my main floor and now the hall stand is further into the dining area which means it is further for me to go to hang up my keys everyday, but Iris has already decided she likes its and has made it her new go to place. Meanwhile Simone is upset as her food dishes were moved and she is discombobulated - hey ya gotta shake up their world somehow!  They are both feeling terribly house bound and suspect Spring is just around the corner. In fact they have both just stepped outside onto the back step - mommy shoveled it for them. There's no place for them to go as there is still 2 feet of snow out there, however they are outside !! Woohoo!

So that's been my excitement for this week, how about you?


regan said...

I really like the new bottom to your hutch! And wow! have it packed full! That will take some work to empty it for the big switch! Good luck!

Idle hands, empty brain ... said...

You bet! that's what comes from a life tie of collecting - China, quilts, fabric. No wonder I need more storage ;)