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Sunday, February 23, 2014

She's arrived!

Whooo Loves Baby ?  Great Aunt Sada does :) Claire Elyse Tiemessen arrived this week, and so did her quilt! I got it bound and a label done just in time, now all I have to do is get down to see the wee new one, she's a cutie - even if I do say so myself. How exciting.  I don't remember being this excited when her mother & uncles were born - maybe I was but it was a few decades ago...
Last week the guild held it's annual rummage sale. Holding to my vow to stick to a budget I promised myself I would not buy any fabric .... but I did manage to pick up a pattern for a new project  - or two!
  Stars and squares is a Japanese folding method similar to Cathedral Windows, and if I'm not mistaken I believe this technique somehow provides a secondary pattern on the reverse. Anyway, I saw a quilt done using this technique a few years ago and thought - what the heck, for $2 I'll give it a try! The Pin Cushion doll was in a plastic bag with a 50 cent tag. Thinking it MUST be plastic for that price I didn't react quickly when it slipped out of my hand to the floor. CRASH! The dang thing was porcelain!! So, last week I got out the Gorilla glue and did a lousy job gluing her half body back together. Ah well, perhaps it won't show once I get her pin cushion dress made? Wish me luck!
from great aunt


regan said...

Congratulations! Claire is so sweet! What an angel! And I've never seen a pincushion top like that.....I think it will be beautiful when you make it up....and I sure that crack won't show. Do share a pic when you make it!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Hello Sada, congratulations on the arrival of your grand niece who looks very comfy and cute. I am a first-time visitor who came across your blog while doing a bit of online surfing and had a good time reading some previous posts. I will tell you that when you get there, you will enjoy retired life, as we do every day!
We visited parts of Ontario last fall and hope to return again.