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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy "Love Everybody" Day

A while back, ok, last year, or was that 2 years ago? anyway,  I decided to take some pictures of some of my "old" things for the blog.  So here are some old-timey vintage valentine's cards. I don't usually bother/celebrate the day, being a onesie, but what the heck! I love red and need some love right now.
I don't have much to show-n-tell this week as my machine quilter is late. I will need to re-think sending my quilts out to a quilter and return to my hand quilting ways - or maybe I'll learn how to machine quilt! Well, at least it will be cheaper for me!
Good thing I spent the last couple weeks making other things for my niece so I will have something to give her next week when the baby is born! Always good to have a backup plan.... Of course, I won't get to show-n-tell the Owl quilt @ guild, or to my hairdresser who's been bugging me for months to see it. Disappointment :(

P.S.: Soon after writing this blog entry my machine quilter called - she got it done!! and did the circle quilting I wanted - Yeah! It looks good and my niece will be happy, so I'm happy :)

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regan said...

I'm so glad you got the quilt back in time! Awesome!