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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Finally February !

It's February - yeah - January is over and we all survived - somehow. Wiarton Willie has predicted 6 more weeks of winter - of course, what else did we expect! This was another stay at home weekend as the hysterical weather reporters kept warning us of another winter storm. Yes, we got some snow, and its wet and heavy stuff, but NOT a storm!! Oh weather goddess don't get mad, I'm not complaining.
My enthusiasm for the upcoming baby is waning, I'm sure it will return once the wee one arrives. 
None-the-less I have been busy sewing ..... remember 2 weeks ago pics of receiving blankets and fabric for a diaper bag ? On the left is the front of the bag with a flat elasticized pocket. On the right is the bag with two , 3 dimensional pockets with magnetic closures. I love the lime green ruffle but had one heck of a time getting this bag made. Now, I'm no novice to bag making, as my blog readers are aware, but this pattern (Pellon's Frou Frou bag) was rather poorly written. Saying nothing of the typos and grammar issues, there were definitely steps missing, and the pictures, which I totally rely on, were rather poor! Of course it could just be me - I'm known for not reading patterns very well:(. I put a zippered pocket and an open pocket on the inside, and attached a clip for keys etc. The outer flap also has a magnetic closure, and on the inside a label (Handmade by ....). I really hope she likes it and finds it useful - occasionally ?
What else have I been up to? Well, trying to use up the "leftovers" from this project so I got busy and made some more baby bibs . I had to piece the smaller one, but I think it still is cute.
You know my niece asked for Owls, so here's 2 more bibs .... with OWLS :) The green one is PUL fabric, a bit slippery, and the binding is elastic knit - so that wasn't much fun, but hey , the baby will look cute while she's drooling all over ;)

It's Downton Abbey night tonight ......

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