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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Upcoming Reunion

So a childhood friend recently proposed a reunion between us and two other ladies from the old neighbourhood. She managed to contact everyone via Facebook. Well, several, and I mean several emails later it's all set! Whoohoo! I am sooooo looking forward to the weekend when we will get together at a resort north of here. I'm hoping the Fall colours will still be brilliant as it will be a long drive. I decided to celebrate our reunion by making the ladies (all of whom are non quilters) mug rugs. I used up the last remnants of my favourite cupcake fabric and even found some cookie fabric for the backings! Hope the ladies like them :)
A couple of the ladies I haven't seen/heard from since high school, and one not since public school (?), so  I've been pondering what will we talk about besides the usual how's your family? Frequently, when trying to get re-acquainted one asks what they are reading or watching on TV. Personally, I tend to watch PBS and TVO. I'm soooo sick of commercials and the preponderance of hapless girls/women in rape/snuff  dramas. Maybe it's the feminist in me, or maybe I just don't think 27 episodes a week of CSI Special Victims Unit are sending a good message! I thought it was just me and my politicized perspective until I read this article: TV Noir: the Saddest Cliche in the World from the Baffler. (Yes, I found the article through my favourite website Arts & Letters Daily).  Now her article also brings up the issue of child abuse, also way too frequently depicted (think about it ....). So others think our media have simply run out of plot lines! Other than refashioning (read sexualizing) childhood "fairy"tales or being truly creative they rely on that old stereotype of the helpless woman being victimized. I'll stick to home renovation/decorating or nature shows while stitching, thank you very much!

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DottyA said...

I enjoyed the clown with the ipad. Makes one wonder how he did it. Don't know if I am replying to this the proper way since it is my first attempt.

Have a great weekend.