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Sunday, September 15, 2013


 So recently a quilt friend on FB wondered what she was doing wrong, no one was commenting on her blog. Hey, welcome to the club. I'm a fairly regular blogger and, with the exception of one kind follower, rarely receive comments, publishable ones anyway. For some strange reason people, including me, prefer to be browsers, lurkers, silent readers. Just because there are no comments doesn't  mean there are no readers. I realized this long ago whenever I meet up with a specific woman from the guild. She's a lovely lady and always tells me how much she enjoys my blog - but she has never never never left a comment!  Nice as it is to hear her compliment (?) I agree with my quilt/FB friend, it would be nicer to have some comments.
 So last week I actually managed to take in a movie - Hannah Arendt. Interesting.  Not being a political scientist I was unaware of her famous phrase "Banality of Evil", but now I know and have some context. Here's a book review I found from my favourite website Arts & Letters Daily: "Arendt's Affair" from the Tablet. Arendt seems to be popping up everywhere recently, or am I just noticing now that I know her name.  Whatever, interesting woman to read/see about.


regan said...

Woohoo! I'm first! I'm first! LOL I always enjoy hearing what you're up to! And I wish the lurkers would take just a sec to say hi! We'll see!

Cricket said...

It's nice to see what others are doing. So I also am sending you a BIG HELLO! Thanks for sharing with us.

Jean S said...

First time here not a big blogger, just someone browsing thru. I've bm your site to check back when I can. I liked the pattern for the coin purse. Thankyou for sharing.