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Sunday, September 22, 2013


 I used to work with a gentleman who delighted in celebrating coincidences. Walter Z is retired now (hi Walter!) but his enthusiasm and zest for life still pervades my everyday, and I now notice coincidences much more than I used to.  So the other day on the way to work I was listening to a CBC story about France trying to ban Toddler & Tiara type pageants. Later that day it seems the story reached the rest of mainstream media. As the Washington Post says, No Honey Boo Boos in France: Parliament moves to ban kiddie pageants and the New York Times French Senate Approves Ban on Pageants for Young Girls. YEAH France! My Arts & Letters Daily website led me to a good article from Pacific Standard " Just Say 'Non" to Child Beauty Pagaents."  Now I don't usually get too political on this blog, but after the Miley Cyrus insanity and the silly Quebec's Charter of Values we needed something which makes sense from the french ....
Sorry for this week's rant ... but now for my second coincidence, while still on Arts & Letters Daily I wondered onto to this article "The History and Psychology of Clowns being Scary". The mater sent me a cute video joke relating to clowns. It's about Halloween magic, but be patient, there is a clown. Here it is:
Ok, for my last coincidental happening this past week. Well, maybe not an actual coincidence, more like my great luck! I have been admiring this rather expensive line of Christmas fabric in the local fabric store. Grey and White with some red. My niece LOVES most things grey ... So this week they had one of their frequent 50% off sale, so, yes I was weak and indulged
Aren't they gorgeous? I "hope" to make a spiral Christmas runner from these lovelies. I say "hope" because I just realized that my niece's due date is earlier than I thought so I need to get a move on especially since I hand quilt! Here are the final fabrics choices for the Owl quilt. I have been totally enjoying my liberated quilting of Felines and Flutterbies, but sadly, this quilt will have to, once again go into the UFO bin while I work on Owls. Here's my progress so far for F&F:

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regan said...

Those fabrics are gorgeous! I love the grey/white/red combo. And that video was amazing.....very creative! And yeah, I'm one of those that think clowns are totally creepy! lol