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Sunday, September 08, 2013

They're Back ...

So, it's September and they're back. University students that is ... and this week's headlines are the usual litany of silly things Frosh/university students get up to, and the ridiculous shocked and dismayed  reaction from the overpaid University uppity ups (aka administration) who once again reveal how totally out-of-touch they are :(. Yes, it is very sad that this generation (are they still called millennial?) think binge drinking and all out sex (underage and non consensual) is the "hot" thing , but can you blame them - just look at their influences - it's everywhere in the media. Gulp, wow, do I sound old?? You betcha! Ok, I'm off my soapbox for now ....
Today is sunny YEAH, I got quite a bit of sewing done yesterday, and I'm planning a movie this aft (Hannah Arendt), so the day is shaping up rather nicely. Here's my progress so far:
2 new "Fall" wall hangings, one bound in brown the other in red. Not sure which one I prefer, but I gave the mater the brown one as it smaller and would fit on her front door better.
I actually managed to complete my liberated quilting on two more blocks of my Felines and Flutterbies. Not sure how well you can see the quilting in these pics, but trust me, each block took a week as they are densely quilted. Still mulling over what to do in the lattice strips. So far I have outline quilted any vines/leaves/roses. Other than that I haven't decided yet, Any suggestions?? Here's the project so far
Next week will be interesting (aka hard to get through) and will require lots of patience. Luckily I won't have to drive to guild night YEAH, it's my driving partner's turn :)

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