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Sunday, April 07, 2013

How was your Easter?

So, how was your Easter weekend? Now, I'm not terribly religious, in fact I'm borderline agnostic/atheist, none-the-less I was looking forward to a long Easter weekend. You know, the weekend full of ridiculous 1950's Charlton Heston movies like Ben Hur. My favourite website, Arts & Letters Daily informed me of the background to this book/movie. It was written by an American Civil War general,  Lew Wallace and has lots and lots of history to it before it became the 1959 blockbuster! Who knew!!?! Now maybe you'll watch this hokey movie with a very different perspective.

I was tres expectant to have a glorious 4 days off work ... granted, I knew I  would spend one, maybe two full days or more doing family stuff, but was actually looking forward to cooking a meal for the family. Being the single sister I haven't had much chance over the years to do just that. My sister, who has hosted every family meal in her home for the last 3+ decades, was in Italy travelling on vacation with her hubby. So here was my chance!  Along with a ham, homemade scalloped potatoes, homemade cole slaw and vegies,  I made a new recipe, a pineapple casserole. I know ! Sounds weird right? But it was really good. Click the pic for the recipe from Mennonite Girls can Cook! You can eat it as a side dish, like stuffing, or as a dessert :)
I managed to do a movie with the Pater & step mother on Sat and took them out for a nice restaurant dinner on Monday. My "family" dinner on Sunday went off without too many hitches, given that it was hosted @ the Mater's (she has more space than I do), so I had to truck most of the dinner over there.
In case you think the last 2 weeks were a write-off re stitching, almost but not quite. I have the stems and most of the leaves done, and last night got one of the Sunflowers done. I SOOOOO like the Sunflower and am looking forward to making more :)

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regan said...

We love anything pineapple at our house! I'm definitely going to try that recipe! Thanks! And how nice that you finally got to make the holiday meal! Awesome!