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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Still waiting ....

Spring has not arrived :(  Yup, I'm still waiting. I don't care what the calendar says, the lack  of sunshine or warmth, the never ending grey skies tell me it's not here .... WAH!!!!  And the feline above agrees with me, so there! Don't you just love, Love LOVE this stitched Siamese cat! I fell in love with it during my Pinning wanderings, and must extend my apologies to the creator, I failed to note where I found this image, sorry. She looks just like Simone who is also bemoaning the lack of spring, just like her mommy.
I have begun my spring cleaning, even though I don't believe it's spring yet, so my stitching has taken another back seat. I did remove the lower left vine and leaves and am glad. This block was busy enough as it was. So Red Red Rose is finished, and I have moved onto mother and kit and Tulips!
As you can see I have a couple more Tulips and some flower buds to apply here. Once that's accomplished I think I'll move up to the top and work on some Sun Flowers. Maybe that will cheer me up! Who knows, I may even be able to sit on the patio while stitching ???
I'm thinking now that this quilt top will need some birds and butterflies before I'm done. Oh No! More applique!

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