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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Is it Spring yet?

Ok I know that sounds totally desperate, but ... I can't stand winter and snow and grey skies any longer !!

I also know that my New Year's resolution was that it be the year (or two or three) of the cat, and I have been stitching away on my Carol Armstrong cats quilt top, more on that later in this post.  However, while digging around in my sewing room looking for stuff for our guild's yearly rummage sale I re-found this fabulous Fig Tree spring wall hanging pattern and I'm in love again :) Since my newest favourite local quilt store, Cornerstone Quilts was having their first anniversary sale this weekend, I decided to see if I could at least gather up some of the fabrics for this project. I know it will never get done this year for Easter - that's a lost cause, but at least I have a start. Well, I was definitely surprised and bowled over by the shop owner's generosity when she gave me this Gemstones Natures Moments package as a door prize! WOW! That sure made my day :). They are all batik prints, and in the colours I was collecting for the above project :)

So, I actually got a few minutes of stitching time in my overly busy week. I got two red Roses and one Rose bud appliqued on this block, aptly named Rosie. I'm very glad I redid the vines, but now I'm thinking I'll remove the bottom left vine and leaves as I still think this block is too busy, there is just too much.  I will have to hang the quilt top up on my design wall to get the "big picture" before I make this decision. What do you think?


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