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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Grace under Fire :)

Well, I must admit I goofed - Oopsie. At our monthly quilt get togethers last week I was bragging about this wonderful tool my friend out west gave me for Xmas. WRONG - sheepish grin (pardon the pun, I couldn't help it)! The gift came from the quilting friend I was actually talking to. Lucky thing I was praising the gift as a most wonderful invention and so thoughtful.So, to put things right, the Magnetic Needle Nanny pictured above came from S my local quilt friend, and it is a wonderful immediately well used  and well loved gift!
Speaking of grace under fire, about a week ago I informed a member of the step family that I prefer they use my "adult name". You know, the name all my adult friends and colleagues use  and the name I am now most comfortable with.  Why?  I have been an adult far longer than I was a child. Some of the step family were gracious about my request and now use my adult name, apologizing when/if they forget. However, others have made a show of using my childhood nickname then correcting themselves. Really?  Top this off with comments about my body size (I'm of small stature and thin BTW). Ladies, it is not acceptable to make comments to a fat person, it is equally not acceptable to make body size comments to a thin person! So, grace under fire? well yes, I just smile and let them have their fun - for now. 
On the bright side :) I have managed to get some stitching done, here's one finished cat block, applique all done but some embroidery yet to come!

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