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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy 85th Birthday to the Pater :). We had a lovely family dinner at my sister's place. I think he enjoyed being made a fuss over (don't we all). The water bottle carriers were a hit, in fact I now have orders for more from the rest of the family ...

What else have I been up to you ask? Well, I finally broke down and
joined the Mug Rug crowd .... I swore I wasn't going to, they're just small place mats, who wants one of those? Then, last week whilst visiting the mater I noticed she was using a folded over place mat on her coffee table for her cuppa. Well .... the light bulb went off - what a perfect Mother's Day gift (shhhhh - don't tell her!). I have enough of these two fabrics left over to make 2 more. I actually think I might just take one to the workplace and use it myself. I may just start a trend there as well ;)

Now who wants the last mug rug?
My Daffodils survived last week's hail!
Today (Sunday) it's a VIKINGS marathon on the History channel. Oh yeah ..... Ragnar - ohhhh yeah .... You know what I'll be doing this afternoon and evening .... watching Ragnar   :)

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