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Sunday, May 05, 2013

Patio time :)

Yahoo!Patio time :) After our long dull grey April May has come through with some much needed sunshine and warm weather. Yahoo! My Hostas and Peonies have sprouted, the Hyacinths are in bloom and trees are leafing. I even found a "new" lavendar plant and have potted it up - YEAH :)
Last week I got so carried away drooling over Ragnar Lothbrok (oh yeah ....) I forgot to show you this small collection of Hexie blocks. Some of you may already be totally hooked on the Hexie craze. I have resisted so far, but resistance is futile! At our last Stitch-n-B our hostess pulled out a box of hand-me-downs from a former guild member. Well, of course we all plowed in to discover the hidden treasures ... and this is what I came away with! I'm not on the bandwagon just yet .... still in my cat mode, but I expect this will be a good carry-along for the next few summer months.  So, speaking of cats,  on the left is my accomplishment for the last week of so ...
Progress so far ....Next is the white cat in the middle right. I'm thinking some more greenery, then maybe that's enough greenery ? and time for some birdies or butterflies or mice or ??? ANy suggestions ladies?

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