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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's day!

So, two more water bottle carriers and two more mug rugs :) Every body but me will get a gift today :(
Oh wait! What am I talking about? I just purchased this Spicy Spiral table runner pattern. I got the ruler last year - maybe I'll actually get the runner done for Xmas? Oh, yeah, I also purchased these fabrics (shhhh, the local fabric store had a 50% off sale) Three white w blues - for that B&W (that's blue and white) quilt I've been going to make for, oh 30+ years ...... , and 2 nice pieces of line, FINALLY! Now, to re-find all those fabulous linen projects I've been seeing on Pinterest :)
I managed to get some grass appliqued onto the white cat - yeah. She's beginning to look a lot better. I have decided I will also applique a couple of bees/bugs buzzing up above his head. and I think I will outline the white cat with either some grey or black embroidery thread, something to make him stand out more. So on the right is the quilt top so far, I'm really beginning to like it and enjoying the process of applique as you go :). What to do next, hmmmmm


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