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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snow ...

Snow - Booo Hiss
Ok, I know it's not a lot - in fact it's barely there, just a dusting, none-the-less it is a harbinger of worse to come :( and I am not a fan of winter. So my lovely Japanese Maple has lost all it's gorgeous red leaves. In case you are wondering, yes, that  is an old bed sheet torn into strips and wrapped around the trunk. It's my effort to save that one main branch which has a split in it. I would seriously cry if I lost this beauty, I planted it when I first purchased this place which  I call home :)

So my local FL store had another of their famous 50% off for members sale. Can I resist? Silly question .... On the left is a depression era, feed sack Dresden fan quilt top I purchased many years ago at an antique show. I've decided to finally quilt it and lucked out with this blue polka dot fabric for the backing. I think It will work. I also picked up a supply of white-on-white, oh and some pretty blue, oh and a red fat quarter! It is the Christmas season right? Have to buy some red ....
All that great fabric inspired me. I also picked up this beige houses print and made another, actually three more purse covers! Now I'm totally inspired and have been digging through my stash to find some appropriate browns for one more purse cover. Then I'm definitely DONE with the purses (probably not!)
I don't know why they call these Christmas Cactus ... mine is in full bloom and it's not yet Xmas ! I couldn't resist this pic which includes my spider plant I propagated from a plant at work. I haven't had a Spider plant @ home for years. The previous kitty would eat any Spider plant in the house -  full grazing season for her. My current kitties Simone and Iris haven't even noticed it - yet!

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regan said...

I'm so sorry you don't like the snow. We always hope for it early, because we love skiing, and I love the look of it in the fields and yard. And yeah, our xmas cactus has just finished this bloom cycle, but we usually get 3-4 full bloomings during the year. But never at xmas! lol