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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Not a winner ;(

I know what you're thinking - a  local guild quilt show is not a competition, and you're right, but it sure would have been nice to win "Best of Show" and another CQA ribbon! I admit I was disappointed, but that's how these things go. Once again I was so close, this was my second/third time being #2!
Contrary to popular believe, quilting is usually a solitary activity, thus there are limited opportunities to receive positive reinforcement from colleagues for all your hours of labour and creativity. Here's a pic of the "honourable mention award" I did receive. It's great that the guild provides a "ribbon" for second place so I do have something to hang on my wall of Honour :). Does your guild do this?
I very much appreciated all the positive comments from most of my fellow quilters. However the remark "I didn't vote for you" from my so-called friend took me aback and was rather unkind. I put  her comment into the sour-grapes category; it reflects on her not me. I may have to re-think our carpooling arrangements!

Here's a pic of the well deserved winning quilt
Congrats Tiny! (yup, that's her name)


Anonymous said...

I am not biased. It's all about personal taste and when I look at the quilt that was selected over yours..... it's nice, but really????

Beautiful quilt! I like the other, but I LOVE your.

regan said...

Yeah.....once again, judges are twits! And yeah, Tiny's quilt is beautiful.....but yours is AWESOME! I mean, come on.....look at that adorable squirrel and those sweet little birds! Cripes! 'I' would have voted for you! And yep....time to get into a new carpool! Sheesh! That is no kind of friend in my book! :o)