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Monday, November 19, 2012

Gooood Morning Blogland friends !

Today is my Sunday (I worked the weekend). It was a good weekend, lots of tourists in the library as it was preview day with lots of parents and prospective students. As I was relaxing at the end of my work Sunday I remembered I hadn't shared my latest finished projects. Oh No !!Here is a front pic of the three place mats I made for the guild's donation to Meals on Wheels. Perhaps you remember that I had an orphan block from my Lil' Twister project, and I found some lovely blue & white Star of David fabric. So I made a Happy Hanukkah place mat! On the right is a pic of the reverse side. This year is the end of the Christmas lace panels donated by the mater. So ... next year I will need to be more creative!
Here's a pic of my finished (?) Lil' Twister table runner.
I'm very pleased with my colour choices and the overall effect. However, I had serious troubles (indecision causing multiple unsewing and resewing) troubles with the borders and consequently it's not square, and very wavy, especially in one corner. GRRRR. I'm seriously considering using it as a machine quilting practice piece and just going to town with the quilting. Can't make it any worse! What do you think?


regan said...

The place mats and runner are great! And I don't see any issues with straightness! It looks awesome, but I think quilting will take care of any issue you can see. It's wonderful, though!

Barbara said...

Funny, I just had the same problem with my advent wreath which I made with the lill' homemade twister. I wonder, where I didn't work exactly....or is it the pattern that causes problems with straightness?? However, your runner is very nice and I wouldn't only use it for machine quilting. After quilting it, you'll certainly be satisfied with it!