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Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I figure if I blog about them I might - just might keep of few of these .... (one or two of these might be a wee bit reminiscent from last year ...)
  1. I will buy fabric ONLY for specific projects (no more stash enhancement) - yeah right!
  2. I will exercise more - I have signed up for Yoga again
  3. I will try more new recipes, especially homemade soup
  4. I will be more self assured/assertive
  5. I will be more patient; this is especially important for me @ work; and
  6. I will learn to be a better friend, and I hope my friends will too. 
Phew! that's a long list, but I'll try - wish me luck!

I've been a real beaver this last 2 weeks sewing, unsewing and resewing on the wedding quilt. The quilt top is still not ready - but I haven't given up! Here's a small project I finally got to over the holidays (Hint - it's a bookmark).
Taking today off from sewing - having the mater over for New Year's dinner and watching the Hell On Wheels marathon, my latest TV obsession. Yup - I still watch TV. Tried to watch some Charles Dickens on DVD last night but my DVD player died .... so watched them on the laptop - woohoo.
Addendum to the above resolutions: #7 get more techy this year, starting with learn how to watch DVDs played on my laptop and displayed on the TV. I think this requires a trip to one of those techy stores!

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