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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Yummm, baking

I'm sitting here blogging while taking in the fabulous aroma of lemon squares and brownies with walnuts and ginger bread, and sugar cookies baking (not all at once!) Yummmm. I was tres lazy last week and did not get any baking done, but have been invited out for dinner and offered to bring some "goodies" with me, sooooo. Above are the miniature Christmas stockings I made for the gift cards I gave everyone. I felt guilty for not being very creative with my gifts this year, hence the stockings. I used up scrap Xmas fabrics and some of the Xmas ribbons in my stash. The were fun and quick to make and everyone enjoyed "opening" their stocking.
What else have I been up to, welllll, I finally, yes finally finished recovering the $5 Eastlake chairs. Remember these 1970's harvest gold lovelies?? They were a real bargain except for the upholstery. Never mind, a big sale at the local fabric store meant I got the whole bolt (6+ meters) of the rose coloured fabric for less than $20. A trip to another fabric store got me 5-6 meters of trim, and the loan of a couple of handy dandy tools from the mater and pater and bob's yer uncle. Well, actually it took several months just because of my procrastinating. Never mind, they're all done now except to insert the vintage porcelain casters. WooHoo! Personally I think they're FAB, do you agree?

TTYL and Happy New Year!!

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regan said...

Those chairs look amazing! And I love that you chose to go sparingly on the's such a beautiful finish to those gorgeous chairs!