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Saturday, January 07, 2012


Well, I don't usually participate in humblebrags, but I did this year as it taught me how to make a digital picture collage! Woohoo. It also allowed me to meet resolution #7 - to get more techy! Above is my humblebrag, as it is a brag fest but also makes me feel quite humble - is that ALL I did last year??! I thought I was incredibly busy yet my output was, in my eyes, rather minimal. Oh, that's right, I forgot about volunteering for the CQA Quilt Ontario conference which ate up huge amounts of time. That was lots of fun and a great experience, but I'll not volunteer for awhile. This fall/spring will be taken up with the wedding quilt for my niece, and after that I PROMISE myself to do something just for meeeee! Wow, what a thought ;)

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regan said...

Isn't it funny how quilting 'just for me' is always on the end of the list! I'm hoping to do some 'me' quilting this year too! I have blank spaces on some walls that are screaming to have a quilted something on them! lol