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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Too Busy

Phew! I've been busy this past week - too busy really, makes me tired and crabby and I don't like myself when I get that way. I used to be able to keep up the pace, but no longer. I must, really I must start saying NO more often. No matter how legit the request(s) I just can't keep up being the accommodating one. I need to practice, No, No No.
Ah well, soon I'll be retired and desperate for things to do (Yes PH I will retire someday so STOP ASKING ME WHEN I'M GOING TO RETIRE!) No, wait, if Stephen Harper has his way I'll not be retiring as soon as I've been planning! Damm those PCs, - Waaaaaah! I'll have to change my Google count down page - it's at 2407 days until retirement ! Yes, I'm counting the days!! Most of my friends and family are retired, and it's hard being the one still working. Ah well, my turn will come.Ok, enough bitching, here's what I've managed to squeeze in this last couple of weeks. I got all the stems and leaves appliqued, the squirrel is on and one Chickadee is completed. Because the Chickadee has such small pieces I tried a new applique method. I drew the pattern on a piece of light interfacing and basted the applique to the interfacing. Then I cut the interfacing back to the edge of the completed piece and appliqued it to the quilt top. Seemed to work fairly well, so I'll try it again for the next 2 birds. Last night I got that appliqued to the quilt top and some of the embroidery done. Now I'm wondering if I need to embroider veins in all the leaves, or quilt that in. What do you think??

TTFN, a tired


regan said...

I vote for embroidered leaf veins. And holy cow, that little chickadee is SWEET! Love it!

Anonymous said...

ALL I can say is AMAZING! Just AMAZING!