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Sunday, May 23, 2010


So, it's my spring vacation and my Lilacs are in full bloom! I usually take a week this time of year as my patience with patrons and colleagues runs thin and needs a wee rejuvenation. Next year I'll be in the thick of hanging the Invitational show for CQA's Quilt Ontario 2011, so I had better enjoy this year's vacation as next year won't be any kind of rest!
The Lilacs are gorgeous this year. I come home at night and let the girls out, Simone and Iris just can't wait to roll around on the patio. Simone is new to the patio this year and wants to wander .... so mommy sits out with them as "guard". This year I've taken to sitting on the other side of the patio, next to the Lilacs - WOW! They are planted just below my kitchen window, so when it's open that end of the house has such a lovely fragrance!
Taking a wee rest from stitching, but have started on block 6 of Tisket a Tasket. Hope to make myself an applique roll while off work - that is if I get finished with my long list of housekeeping chores. Ah well, it's got to be done!

p.s. reading my blog may keep you informed on my life but doesn't keep "us" in touch. Coments are welcome ;) And to the person(s) who keep sending comments in Japanese/Chinese .... you can STOP NOW !

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