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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birdie Birdie who's got the Birdie

Well, it would seem I do! I was really beginning to wonder why Simone was in love with my Caragana ... and just a wee bit worried, since it's still in flower and several large Bumblebees are buzzing around. She has discovered a Robin's nest neatly hidden in the crotch of it's newest branch. So that explains the cat's fascination, and the winged flight which freaked me the other day as I passed the tree. So, although I enjoyed a good 2-3 hours on the patio this afternoon whilst reading a fab book and sniffing the opening Lilac blossoms, I need to tread carefully around my small tree for a few weeks as Mother Robin roosts.

Spent a good part of Saturday and some of Sunday completing the binding and applying a hanging sleeve. Overall I'm very please with my results and hope mother will appreciate and even hang this one! Since I have about 2-3 weeks before this gift is due I think I will attempt to make a computer generated label - woohoo - a skills upgrade!

Today was a busy day, Sunday's usually are. Breakfast on the patio (yeah) several chapter so a good book while sunning my very white shins and forearms, a nice long walk in the neighbourhood, one dozen Banana chocolate chip walnut muffins, a pasta salad for next week's lunches, dinner and now blogging! Phew! TG next week is my last and I have one precious week of vacation coming...

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