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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Coffee Table :)

Like my "new" coffee table?

A friend and I were antiquing on the weekend and guess what I found!! It's a cutdown oval, solid walnut EastLake parlour table. JUST WHAT I WANTED! I've been looking for a "new" coffee table ever since I moved into my abode, as the old cutdown painted cottage lookcoffee table was just too square (too large) for my living room! So, Yahoo, I finally have what I was looking for.

What else have I been up to besides spending money and contemplating my navel? Well, I finally got the borders on my Cobblestones quilt top. In the end I used the backing fabric (luckily I purchased enough) as it seemed to be the only appropriate colour. I even managed to use up 4 more 4 " squares in the corners to finish it off! Next step is to sandwich it up and baste it then it's on the frame for some hand quilting! Wish me luck!

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