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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Green Thumb !

WooHoo! I got it to flower!!

OK - I know it isn't Christmas or Easter, so exactly what kind of cactus is this - I dunno, and frankly don't care. This point is I got it to flower and I'm thrilled. My sister gave me this plant two years ago as a present and I finally got it to flower! I have redeemed myself in the indoor gardener's world!
Simone is finally relaxing - somewhat - and has decided that the cat bed I bought for her really might just be comfy after all. Another big WooHoo. She also is no longer running away every time I walk near her, only some of the time now. I'm playing more and more with her and making sure that whenever we do play something touches her - whether or not it's me or a toy, as long as something touches her - it's my attempt to get her used to being touched and it seems to be working.

Simone is doing a lot of rubbing up against doors, and chair legs, and she even is mimicking her big sister Iris in that when I first come home she greets me at the door and then immediately plops down and rolls over to expose her belly. Iris I then give a great big belly rub, but for now Simone merely watches, and hopefully learns. It seems she wants attention and physical touch but still isn't quite trusting enough. Patience!!!

FYI - this is a picture of my view from my work window ... nice eh?


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