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Monday, March 16, 2009

Losing my Mind! or How long does it take to Change a Light Bulb?

So, I have the sense that I'm losing my mind. I can't seem to remember where I left it. I had a mini meltdown back in November when my calendaring abilities completely escaped me momentarily, but that's not really when it started. I wish it was but have to admit that this has been creeping up on my slowly but surely. I would also dearly love to lay the blame on my active work and social life, but this too would be deflecting reality.
Recently I read an old Oprah magazine article (2007) entitled The Midlife Memory Meltdown by Cathryn Jakobson, in which she describes several memorable (pardon the pun ...) syndromes of this not so funny affliction.

  • first there's the quick - who is she? dsyfunction (haven't I always been this way?)
  • colliding planets syndrome (aka my calendaring malfuntion fits in here)
  • then the damn it they were just in my hand afflication, followed by
  • what am I doing here? paranoia (aka where the H--- am I?/how do you get there?) and
  • wrong vessel disorder (where you put your car keys in the frig and your milk in the oven). I have yet to personally experience this last one - phew!
I would respectfully add to this list a re-awakening of a minor dyslexic life challenge of mine which involves switching letters (or numbers) around. ARGGGGGGGG more than just a wee bit irritating!
According to a news article on the BBC website today "Brain decline begins at age 27" (reeeeally, I find these stories serendipitously). So, it's not recent, and it's not just me - I've been going downhill for a long time now and only just began to notice, and, as Oprah's article reassures me, I am not alone!

Moral of the story? For all those out there currently laughing at me or making fun of me for my current (and I hope temporary) inability to read a calendar, a map or remember your name
But then again, there is the question of how long does it take to change a light bulb? In my case it took 2 HOURS! Yes, I said 2 hours, 'cause the #^&*%@ thing was not just a "push in/pull out" kinda bulb like the hardware store guy said, but a stuck in the new light fixture kinda bulb! So, while standing on the stove, with arms over my head (not a comfy position for someone still dealing with Frozen Shoulder syndrome) I coaxed the bloody thing out of the light fixture with the aid of some needle nosed pliers. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Woohoo!

Not bad for an absent minded old lady eh?
FYI - here's my spring tablescape .... hard to see, but there's a Bird on the table and my garland of white stars in now gracing the curtain swag!

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