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Friday, February 06, 2009

Lunch Anyone?

OK, nothing too spectacular this week, but rather mundane (sorry). Above is a pic of my sewing accomplishment last weekend. Using some fabric I purchased for the millennium (yeah - well, admit it - you to have fabric that old!) I finally managed to make myself a quilted cover for my travel mug, my thermos and, to top it off a lunch bag. The quilted thermos and travel mug covers were a real necessity given the -20 degree we've been experiencing, especially with the extra long walk in from the parking lot.
I know, I know, everybody thinks I'm being a big baby complaining about the walk from the parking lot, but I'm not talking about some piddly little parking lot next to your bank ... I'm talking about a mammoth huge parking lot for 400+ cars at the very outer perimeter of campus. I call it the back 60; and not only do I have the "joy" of marching in every day from the back 60, I also have the great joy of marching down into the tunnel under the main thoroughfare and back up again, then past a large building construction zone. All this enjoyment is shared each day with a large volume of pedestrian traffic, each of whom is also making the same stupid trek!
In normal human weather it's a nice walk, in fact in the spring/summer/fall it's rather pleasant. But in this cold weather it exasperates my asthma dramatically and makes the trek a real challenge. At least my tea is still warm when I finally arrive at my destination! Woohoo!


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