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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year !
As you can see - my table theme continues. This isn't my holiday tree - see previous post for that -it's kinda a Charlie Brown tree, on the small side and artificial but it suits me, at least I make the effort and decorate each year. The tree pictured above is my little twig tree which I also decorate as I like natural things, twigs, flowers, sea grass baskets etc.
Talk about making an effort .... here's a picture of one of the cakes I made to take to my sister's , this one's a Candy Cane cake. Even if I do say so myself ... it was pretty good! The other cake, a chocolate with green cream cheese centre was eaten too fast and I didn't get a pic , I guess that means it was good also! I got so wrapped up in making the cakes I didn't get much cookie baking done, just one batch of sugar cookies. Guess ya can't do everything, especially when ya leave it all to the last minute!

Here's a nice pic of Simone and Iris - together! Treasure it as they have reverted back to Simone dominating the main and lower floors of the house. She tolerates Iris on the main floor sometimes, but has become quiet the hyper child! The breeder I got her from claimed Simone was "spastic" ... well I think the woman used the wrong descriptor - Simone is HYPER not spastic - especially after any kind of food. Here's hoping this hyper activity is related to her youth!

Spent some great time with family and friends over the holidays as I enjoyed a full two weeks from the daily grind (YEAH). I even managed to get some crafting and sewing accomplished!
My friend and I finally succeeded in completing our Teacup pincushions = another big YEAH! Mine's the short squat one. I like hers better because the teacup is footed and there is room on the saucer for you to stash thread spools or scissors, etc. Mental note for next time , hmmmmm
And speaking of friends - lookee lookee what I got for Xmas ...... YUP a Jim Shore tree ornament in the form of a cat!! Normally I'm not a big fan of Jim Shore (dare I say that? ohhh I know he's sacrosanct with most quilters ....) but in this case I will definitely make an exception.

My Sewing accomplshments include completing the quilt top for a workshop by Heather Stewart from November called Cobblestones. What I'll do with this quilt top is another mystery yet to be solved, so for now it's going into my UFO trunk! I even got all the "extra" blocks put together and they might just appear on the back of whatever this becomes ... stay tuned!


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