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Monday, December 15, 2008

Ho Ho Ho Part Deux

Well, it's official. I'm living with a teenaged monster! Seriously folks Simone, the poor unfortunate, shy, timid, neglected, perhaps abused wee thing in the basement .... not only has come out of her shell ... she's becoming a holy terror!!!

Ok, perhaps it's just a phase (don't all parents of teenagers say that?) Simone has officially left the basement. Oh, she still frequents the nether regions for play purposes, but for all intents and purposes she has ensconced herself permanently under my kitchen table. Well, sort of. In reality she's running around the main floor like a maniac, chasing empty thread spools and a hot pink foam ball with a happy face on it, or the laser pointer, which drives her absolutely mad, Mad, MAD! Simone needs to learn some household manners - that's for sure... and mommy is determine to teach them via the squirt bottle method and a deep authoritarian NO! House rules are:
  1. we DO NOT get up on the kitchen counter, china cabinet, or the kitchen table,
  2. we DO NOT growl at each other
  3. we eat what mommy gives you and no complaints!
If/when Simone encounters poor Iris she is stopped dead in her tracks. The feline standoff usually terminates in a hissy fit or deep growling . Iris responds by decamping upstairs to my bedroom where the living is easier... In my last post I discussed two new year's resolutions. Well, I've thought of the third resolution - NO MORE RANTS! I have resolved to totally ignore everything/everyone that annoys me (see How do we react). Simple eh? These acts/people have always been there, and unfortunately always will ... so why bother getting annoyed? I resolve to make next year a CREATIVE and HAPPY year! Wish me luck!


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