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Monday, January 19, 2009

murder Murder MURDER!

Sorry to get you all excited - I really should not be so dramatic - but I feel like a murderess. Normally I would coax and molly coddle the annual Christmas poinsettia from dearest Father well into February, and sometimes into March! But this year the teenie bopper Simone has decided she wishes to taste all my plants!!! So, although Dr. Jon (from reassures us all that Pointsettias ARE NOT poisonous, contrary to the urban legend stating otherwise ... the %#$* thing is losing leaves like crazy and I'm tired of chasing Simone all around the house to get those red leaves out of her mouth! So, I'm a murderess as I solved the situation by sticking the poor innocent plant outside on the step to freeze to death, which it did quite nicely overnight.

Now, if only I could find an equally easy solution to stop the feline adolescent in my home from eating all my other plants! Any suggestions??

Spent the rest of my weekend, when not chasing Simone around or playing "catch the ball" , putting this wall hanging together - I even got all the blanket stitching finished. Now, all I have to do is quilt the darn thing and I'll have something new for the front door, or for my bulletin board at work. I may even get it finished for the next guild meeting - ok, ok, lets not get too excited!



Quilt Rat said...

Looks great........isn't this kitty "tasting" the foliage?
I'll be watching for this one at guild, no pressure though.

Idle hands, empty brain ... said...

Quiet right ... I was wondering who might "catch" the double entendre
Idle Hands