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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Blast ...


... I believe I said this last year, and quite possibly the year before that ... and it still holds true. January, it seems, is the time for frigid arctic air to descend into my neck of the woods and make life miserable! I think I hate the cold even more than I hate the snow! I can honestly say that I'm not impressed and if it had been me that won the million dollar home last week instead of my brother-in-law's cousin you can betcha that I'd be a) retiring and b) moving to warmer more tropical climes!!!

Here's January's tablescape. Nothing terribly fancy except the angel in the center (pictured above) was a gift from mother at Christmas. I'd like to think of it as a message from her that I'm her angel ... maybe she just thought it was pretty. Either way it's nice and has found a home. Speaking of homes ... Simone, the wild one, is ..... yes folks another break through .... trying to make friends with Iris. For most of the holdiay season I thought poor Iris was being neglected and cowed by the hyper Simone. That was until the day I witnessed Simone being chased from the basement to the main floor, a hissy fit under the kitchen table followed by another chase to the upper floor where a further hissy fit occurred! It seems Iris can hold her own with this young wipper snapper! Anyway, this past couple of weeks as I return to my warm and cozy abode it's Simone who greets me at the door (she's fascinated with the outside and all that white stuff - especially when I stop to shovel the sidewalk - "What's mummy doing?") Once our greetings are accomplished Simone turns her attention to Iris and has attempted to rub noses several times. Iris, at this point is still playing the "I was here first, I superior" aloof game and merely hisses back! It will come to pass - I hope.
Here's a pic of the "scrap" blocks left over from the quiltop depicted in my last post. The cobblestone pattern has gone amok as there simply were not enough of the 4 patch blocks to keep it going - who cares - it will probably be made into a baby quilt for the kids as a community project. I was fortunate enough to find an appropriately coloured backing ( at $3.00/meter!) so I'm golden! Now all I have to do is decided how to quilt the whole thing - by hand or machine, by myself or pay someone .... Hmmm....

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