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Sunday, February 25, 2018


This is a public service announcement (not really). It's a warning to myself about things which I have noticed this week.  Each morning I listen to CBC Radio 1. One of their morning broadcasts includes the "Q" with the host Tom Power. So the first of my warnings is never never see a pic of the real host. Just as a favourite book often turns into a disappointing movie the real image of the host will not match your imagination.  Here's Tom Power (for real). Not the svelte black guy I imagined.
My second warning also involves CBC radio host of Sunday Edition, Michael Enright.
Are you kidding me???? OK, Sunday Edition is eruidte, intelligent and informative, which  is why l listen each week, but are you kidding? Who is this guy ????  Ha ha ha ha ha!! I post these warnings to all listeners/readers out there. Check your assumptions as to what someone looks like - you're probably way off!
My final public service announcement is to never never never use your connector fabric for honeycombs in one of your Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses (LBPOTC) blocks!! For the last couple of weeks I have been stitching up 7 connector blocks for the top of my Lucy Boston, only to discover that opps- I had forgotten/miscalculated and the top/bottom also needs 3 additional honeycombs and 1" squares between each connector block! Hmmmm. Ok, I'll just cut more. YIKES I'm 8" short !!!!!! and I can't find that fabric anywhere anymore. WAHHHHHHHHHHH
Here's a pic of my progress so far. as you can see  there are 4 rows of beige honeycombs with black 1" squares (up/down arrows) between the connector blocks (diagonal arrows). 
And here is the offending block, made very early in my Lucy career (my only excuse ). So what's a girl to do? Well I found some"other" black fabric and guess I will use it strategically so that it looks as if I planned it ;) ;) 
What else has been happening in my life recently? Well we had a 4th birthday party and Tinker Belle attended! Whoohoo ;)

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