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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

I've Been Busy!

Phew! Time to take a rest! I've been busy doing a second round of downsizing, starting in my sewing room. Every year my guild holds a rummage sale. You dig out patterns and fabrics and other sewing related items you no longer want/need, price it for others to enjoy. The proceeds of the rummage sale goes to our community outreach group, so it's all in a good cause and is a great way to downsize :) Below are three bags ready for the sale. My quilting buddy is picking them up today and taking them to the sale for me as I'm not sure I'll make it again this year given the temp outside! Good thing for me anyway as I would be tempted to buy more fabric which would defeat my downsizing. Anything which doesn't sell will go straight to the Goodwill, adding to the 2 bags of fabric I will be sending directly to them (fabric too old/ugly to go to the rummage sale!)
It is actually quite tiring going through all your fabric bins, measuring and labeling and packaging it all up. Tiring but necessary and helpful in the end. I have already sent off 2 bins of "baby" fabric and a bag of misc fabrics to our community group, a bag full of Batiks and a bin of 1930's fabric to my quilting buddy. So all in all I'm doing quite well with my downsizing. Which rather surprises me when I look in the cupboard and still see bins of fabric!!
In the non downsizing hours I've been prepping for more Lucy Boston work.  300 Honeycombs and 200 1" squares (not in the pic)! Now I'm putting these together into the 25 final connector blocks. These blocks will all have the same center fabrics to bring a bit of symmetry to the quilt. I hope it looks as good I think it will ;).
A few weeks back my quilting buddy and I went to the Marsh store where I picked up some lovely black fabric for the final border. While downsizing I got lucky and found my bin of backing fabrics. I have enough beige/off white backings for 4 quilts and a lovely black backing hopefully big enough for my Lucy !! Will decide which to use when the time comes - if ever !
On to my closets one more time in my downsizing quest. Have already made a list of what furniture will go when I move. Now to connect with a realtor and get ready for the big sale! Have pretty much made the decision to go into an apartment where I can be on one floor and garbage disposal and mail pickup will be easier. This will be a difficult, sad transition for both me and the cats but what can you do :(.

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The Cozy Quilter said...

The London Modern Quilt Guild has an outreach project you could donate fabric to ...they teach quilting to low income women in Limberlost. If you give the fabric to me, I can make sure it gets to them... Gail