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Monday, January 08, 2018

Happy New Year

Sorry it's been so long blogging. My camera died :( and it's replacement (mom's) didn't have the cable to connect from camera to laptop so had to wait for delivery from Amazon.  And of course the holidays got in the way too. It was a different year for us as we celebrated with both parents gone now, so only 3 generations instead of 4. My sister, her DH and I are now the "senior" generation!!
Every time I get my car dug out and cleaned off  it snows AGAIN! Enough already - I can't keep up! You can't even see the trunk of my poor Maple in this pic the snow drift is so high!! I've been stuck in the house for 2+ weeks now :( At least the cold snap has ended - sort of .... 
One thing about being stuck inside is you get a lot of sewing time :) Hand sewing that is. I got all the blocks and their connectors sewn together into rows for my Lucy Boston - YEAH
Now I have to do more prep work and make up the half blocks and corners for the edges. That will take a surprisingly longish time :(, but at least the end is in sight now- Whoopee! 
No  progress on the Canada 150 quilt :(, but I'll get back to it soonish. For now I'm happy with my work on Lucy, and the second pair of socks I'm knitting.

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