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Monday, April 02, 2018

Happy Easter !

Well my cacti decided to flower just in time for Easter and my Open House. Wasn't that nice of them? Yup,  you read that right .... I've been a busy girl - again. Another round of downsizing and paper shredding (burnt out one paper shredder, luckily I had another). Not completely done yet.
Put my condo on the market on a Wednesday, had 16 showings Thursday and Friday, an Open House on Saturday & Sunday with 20 viewings.  Rested on Monday and accepted offers on Tuesday. Sold for way more than my asking price so I'm happy about that :) Rather ambivalent about the move as I really did expect to enjoy my condo for a few more years, but health wise decided it was best to make the move now while I still can manage it. Have a long closing date so will be able to enjoy one more Spring and part of the Summer. Hard part next is to find an appropriate apartment and resign adapt myself to this change of live style.
As if all that wasn't enough I also have the additional treat of dealing with a nasty bout of my IBS and the return of a Frozen Shoulder this time on the right side (last time it was the left shoulder). My cataract surgery is this coming week, which will be good as I'm real tired of the world being fuzzy and want to get this over with. Geeze I'm a wreck these days :(. You know how hard it is when you can't see, you're right dominant, in pain all the time and can't carry or move your arm? Ok, enough of my whinning.
I have managed to get some sewing done, here are the next three blocks of my Canada 150 quilt. Nothing more will be done on this project probably until after the move as I can't see well enough for these tiny pieces. I also got rows one and two hand sewn together for my Lucy Boston. So some progress on the quilting front.
It's another sunny day (YEAH) and my Daffodils are peeping  out of the ground. I hope to enjoy this last Spring in my wee garden.

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