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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Busy busy busy!

Well, my first couple of retirement weeks have been busy! Met with the new Doctor = new round of tests; met with new financial people = new headache trying to keep up with all their jargon/quoted dollar stuff, and some fun stuff = several lunches and a day of shopping with a friend. No complaints here!
 It's blossom time at my house, the Pater gave me a lovely flowering "Christmas" cactus to celebrate my retirement. And of course my own decided it should blossom also! For the last couple of years I have put this plant on the patio for the summer. It seems to like that as it grows several new stems and flowers every year now! Me likey :)
I did manage to get into the sewing room for a few minutes and completed these Christmas place mats. This is the last of the black with red Poinsettias fabric. I backed them with this peace/love/hope/joy fabric and used my new binder clips when doing the binding, THANKS Walter ! (I used his gift certificate to purchase a 50 pack of binder clips!)

I've been having a "week". Thursday was back @ Western for a luncheon with the ladies from one of the committees I used to be on. Of course I multi tasked and got several other tasks done before going back home. Once home I completed an hour of ironing then finally collapsed to watch some TV. What the heck! My TV remote decided to quit! This required a quick trip out to Walmart for new batteries as  those I had were all the wrong size. Phew! Friday got over to Dad's and finally figured out how to turn on Closed Captioning for his flat screen TV. Only took 3 months to get that task accomplished! Then we started scanning several (at least one generation) of his genealogical photos. Took awhile as I needed to remember how his scanner works, then how to import into Picassa to caption! We rewarded ourselves with dinner @ Swiss Chalet. Half way home after dropping Dad off I realised I was missing my winter hat! Oh No!! So another trip out, with a flash light, and I lucked out - there it was against the curb - Yippee. When I got home, for the second time I noticed my hat's "flower" pin  was gone :(.
So, Saturday afternoon off I go back to the Swiss Chalet parking lot and got lucky again - there it was, wet but intact! Since I was already out I took a trip over to the cemetery to check up on mother's stone.
Because the weather has been so mild they were able to get it into the ground before the spring. We purchased a "large" plot and decided to have my (real) name also engraved as this will be my resting spot some day. Being single it made sense to make the arrangements ahead of time. Sorry if this posting is a wee bit ghoulish. We went with a Lighthouse as many of mother's Manitoulin relatives were lighthouse keepers, and added both our "maiden" names so future genealogists will be able to figure out who we are!

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