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Monday, November 21, 2016

1st week of Retirement - Woohoo!

Well, my first week of retirement is done and I must say I am loving it! No complaints so far !! I was given a journal as one of my retirement gifts and have noted my one accomplishment per day in it. Last week we enjoyed wonderfully warm weather, but the snow came on Sunday -  just in time for our family dinner :(. Lisa has sleepy William in a snuggy, and Claire is finishing off a piece of birthday cake!
 They liked the silver christening mug I had engraved and gave them from the mater. So glad I made the effort. Now, even though he never met her William will have something from his great grandma. They also loved loved loved the quilt! Lisa read the foxy label to Claire then they oohed and aahed over the foxy front. Lisa & Greg said it will look so good in William's nursery.
So glad everyone is happy. Now onwards to my own projects - at last!!

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