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Monday, December 12, 2016

Snow !

So, yesterday we got 20 centimeters of snow 😕.  Normally this would send me into a tizzy worrying about how I would get to the car and get  it cleaned off in time for my Monday morning commute, but wait! I'm retired now so no worries - Yippee! I do have to go out tomorrow for a CT scan @ 6:30 pm so will be cleaning off the car at some point today.
Since it was a "snow day" yesterday I decided it was appropriate to sit at home and sew. I put  my Lucy Boston blocks on the design wall and decided 4 of my blocks were too white :( so am in the process of remaking 4 blocks. Here's yesterday's block
The star bursts come from a Christmas fabric, believe it or not! The other 3 blocks are all cut and basted and ready for sewing. Loving it and getting my Lucy POTC mojo back on. That's good as I have decided to also do the 150 Canadian Women  sampler quilt. These should keep me busy this winter !

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