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Sunday, September 21, 2014

What's a day without sunshine ?

Boy, yesterday was an absolutely perfect Fall day :) at least in my neck of the woods. Hope you enjoyed the best of Fall weather also. The b-i-l and nephew were here last weekend. We got the mini ties in the front replaced - woohoo!
I should be good for another 10 years. I decided to move the bird bath to the back patio, and switch up the Milk can and iron planter. Not sure about this - will see how the winter goes with that big planter. Now that I think about it this winter will be tough to shovel the step! Uh oh - guess it will have to be moved again!
While I had men in the vicinity I took advantage of them and we got the shrubs trimmed and the patio put to bed for the winter!
I have, as usual, been tres busy ... work wise is starting to calm down - a bit, and our Sewing group is slowly getting organized. I am continuing on my Christmas theme and today hope to quilt a Christmas table topper. Here's the top, (pattern link can be found on my Pinterest)
and the back
which will be trimmed to shape and quilted hopefully today. This one is made from the leftovers/scraps from the Peppermint Twist table runner. I'm hoping to binding it in the red polka dot fabric - if I can squeeze it out of what's left! I must admit I still have Christmas fabric ....
This was my "gift" from last year's sewing group Christmas exchange. It's on the design wall now hopefully I will be inspired shortly to make either a short table runner or place mats - or both!!
Next weekend is a visit from the family. My niece, great niece, sister, mother and the guys are coming. Plan on making something pumpkiny - must go through my recipes to find a good one. Got to go clean the house now, baby coming to visit!

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