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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone a fabulous and creative New Year. 

Well, I thought I was terribly terribly busy last year. My collage above reflects my busyness, although somehow I feel like I wasn't very productive! My lack of creativity is reflected in the fact that my Felines and Flutterbies is still on the frame !I hope to finish this one for our quilt show in the Fall.
I managed to get Whoo Loves Baby off to the quilter, so it should be ready in about a month - yeah 'cause the baby is due mid February .... I'll be a great aunt!! OH NO - how did I get this old ??
Spent a few months in the summer organizing our Sew What's group donation to the Wellspring charity.  I made several different items, including these water bottle carriers. Everyone donated whatever they wanted and it was fun to see what everyone made. I managed somehow to attend the Smith family picnic this year - my first in years .... and that was fun! But the highlight of my year was our Oakridge girls reunion. YEAH - Thanks to Colleen for the idea and to the ladies for getting everything organized ... we spent a fabulous weekend @ Sand Banks gabbing and catching up on everyone's life since school days ;)
I've had 2 weeks off work - and boy did I need it! I could soooooo do the retired thing! A few years yet so I'd better not get too used to this sleeping in thingee. Now that I have some "free" time I actually got some sewing done, and woohoo - finally got to my Figgy Pudding fabrics I've been collecting since forever .... so here's a nice Dresden table topper/small Christmas tree skirt I just finished up - YEAH!
 This year the mater decided to give remembrance gifts, so my sister, niece and I all recieved a Royal Doulton figurine. Here's mine
I don't have a curio cabinet, and my China cabinet is fulllll, so for now it is sitting on a table where I hope the kitties won't touch it!

Happy new year everyone,

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