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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ah Sundays .....

I promise - this is my last Christmas picture!  Well, except for anything I make between now and then which may be Christmasy .... I had a panel with several old Father Christmas images. I made 3 or 4 door hangings from the panel, this one I hang on my bulletin board at work!
It's Sunday and as usual I am relaxing in the kitchen, listening to CBC and today I'm watching the snow melt - hurray!! After last week we certainly need the break. Speaking of breaks, I finally got back to my quilting and stitched some on my Felines and Flutterbies last night while watching War Horse. It was a hard movie to watch. I hate anything that shows animals being treated badly and this movie was no exception. I just wonder how many people who watched this movie got caught up in the overtly rah rah what a hero smaltzy stuff and missed the real message - treat animals as you would want to be treated yourself!! Ok enough preaching for this Sunday. Have a great week!

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