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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Back to Work :(

Here's a pic of this year's lovely Poinsettia. The pater gives me one every year and I have to admit I kinda like having them around, even if they never last very long .... I've taken down most of my holiday decorations but have left the red on the table as it looks so nice and cheery. Tomorrow is back to work day and they are calling for a snow storm tonight ! Grrrrr. It's been a great vacation though, I managed to get the house cleaned, cook a roast & entertain the mater & a friend, celebrate New Year's eve with a friend and even get into the sewing room !!
I missed this year's Christmas deadline, so am getting myself ready for next year! Last week I showed you this Dresden mini tree skirt/table topper. And now, here is a matching table runner! I wasn't paying attention when I first cut my Figgy Pudding fabrics
and cut all the blades way too big! So, I proceeded to cut them down
which left me with tumbler like wedges now made into a matching table runner. Woohoo! I'm still very much in love with Figgy Pudding fabrics, but I think I got the last of it! Yes folks, I broke my New Year's resolution already and went out to the local LM fabric store .... I needed something for the table runner backing!
While in the sewing room I finally finished off this project my sister started many many years ago. It gave me another chance to practice my machine quilting and got it out of my sewing room. Now that a grand baby is coming I think it was appropriate to get it done!

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Kyrotime said...

Nice binding finish on your small project, I've never used that technique. I too have left the red textiles out from my Christmas decorations too! They'll stay out for Valentines Day & feel warm...even though it's soooo
cold outside. Time to get your old winter coat out, to head out to work Cynthia. Stay warm & cozy.