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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays to all my friends in blogland . Here's a pic of my wee tree. I know lots of  people don't bother anymore, but personally I can't get into the spirit unless I put up my tree. It's not that big an effort and really helps my holiday mood. How about you? So far this "vacation" has been different. I took an extra week off, yeah, and it's a good thing. The pater had a wee spell in the hospital, but all is well now. I'll be over there Christmas eve to spend some time with them, apparently we'll be playing Crokinole! I haven't played it in years, hope my fingers hold up :)

Last week was busy ... our stitch-n-bitch group got together for our third annual potluck. June kindly hosts this, and she sets a lovely table. Unfortunately I was not well placed and I guess I was concentrating on eating all the delicious food. Sorry ladies, I did not get enough pics!! Here's Deb, and Mibs (with the wine) and Susan. All in all there were 11 of us and the potluck was a success! I made my now famous Candy Cane cake, my third for December! I'll not make another for a very long time!
We did a secret Santa gift exchange and fun was had by all! I'm so lucky to have such as great group of friends. Thanks ladies :) Yesterday I finished off my "cleanup" chores, by sorting and filing away my scraps from this fall. I'm all ready for a new year of quilting, but still undecided as to what project to start. You know how it is ... so many interesting, challenging and fun projects and not enough time! Guess I'll have to try them all .

TTFN and be of good cheer,

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regan said...

Your cake looks wonderful. And I had to google Crokinole....similar to Carrom, which I grew up playing! I loved that! Have fun!