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Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Purses!

Above is my decorator Singer, I call it my Egyptian, because of the Sphinx decals. I purchased it at a junk store, covered in dirt and grim and grease (sorry no before pic), just to have something to sit in my sewing room and look pretty. Well one of my sewing friends is "into" refurbishing , or at least cleaning up old machines, so she asked if she cold take it home and work on it. Ta Da!!! Isn't it a beauty? No, it still doesn't sew (I never thought it would) but it does look oh so much better. THANK YOU Susan!!
Well, last week I showed you some new fabrics recently purchased so I can make some Fall purses (yes, I said purses - plural). So, here is the first one, made with a tan/beige faux suede. I found these perfect buttons in my stash and used a fat quarter + for the lining and small pyramid bag I always make to match the purse!
Here's the first purse cover, and the fabric which inspired this whole purse making adventure ... a lovely blue with Canadian Maple leaves. Why do I say Canadian ? take a closer look .... I'll wait while you do. The reverse cover is a lovely Burberry plaid which will also work with the black bags I made last year. And just when you think summer is over - think again! I made a new reversible cover for my white summer purse!
Blue & White ticking (love, love, love it!) and my favourite fabric Cabbage Roses! I'm on a roll now ladies, and have a brown bag almost ready and more Fall leaves for one cover and some lovely batik for the reverse side. Stay tuned,those will be ready for next week's post!

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regan said...

These purses are gorgeous! I can't decide which one I love the best! They're all so beautiful, and each have a mood and style all their own! Love 'em!

Is it possible you could ask your friend who cleaned up your beautiful machine what she used to do it! I have several old machines I picked up in filthy condition, but they have decals that I don't want to ruin while getting the grunge off. What cleaning agent is gentle enough for the decals, but strong enough for the grime!?! Thanks a bunch!