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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Guess What's round the corner!

My Rose of Sharon/Hibiscus bushes are in full bloom and I am enjoying their show for as long as it lasts. The purple one at the back has been in bloom since late July, while the white one, located behind my Japanese Maple is slower to blossom, but that's OK as it's just as beautiful. For someone who didn't plant flowers I certainly have enjoyed my bushes and their flowers oh so much!
My favourite aunt sent a package down for my birthday .... and guess what was in it! A pair of handmade, hand beaded deer skin mocassins, OH MY Aren't these gorgeous, I'm so looking forward to tucking my feet into these beauties
I'm back to work now, and guess what's round the corner - the school year is looming! and after that my guild's quilt show. So, I have been busy sewing each night to get another quilt top together. Yup, it's another spinning four-patch. This one is going out to be machine quilted, so I can spend my time on another project
Remember the purses? Well,our local fabric store has their seasonal sale on and I've been inspired to make some "Fall" purses!I plan on making a new "purse" out of the beige faux velvet, and new reversible covers out of the Burberry twill and Blue Fall print or Black & Beige print. Then I'm hoping to make a brown purse and make a reversible cover from the gorgeous Batik ($5.00/meter Ladies!!) and brown leaves print. I'm not sure what I'll do with the cream - maybe another purse for someone ? I'm hoping they look as lovely in reality as they do in my head. The buttons I need for these purses were on sale for 50% off. Everything was going great until the total was rung up at the till. Imagine my surprise when it said $1016.67!!!!! Well, myself, the clerk and the whole lineup had a great laugh over that shopping spree ;) ,luckily it was easily corrected! Wish me luck with the purses!!

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