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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Spring Cleaning!

Now that the wedding is over I can concentrate on Spring cleaning! As you can see, the second room I attacked was the sewing room. Oh No!!! SILLY Silly girl! Well, it started with "Oh, I must put away all

those fat quarters I bought this past winter" and quickly moved into "Oh, that box is full, must move them into a bigger box"! YIKES! as you can see from the pic on the left I destroyed my sewing room and spent days reorganizing and shuffling fabric. PHEW! On the right are the fat quarters which have yet to make it into a box! Wonder how long that will take me ....
Although it took way too many days of my "week off" I am pleased that my sewing room is once again organized and clean. On the left is the cupboard - notice the boxes are all labelled (yup - I'm a wee bit OCD on that one) and on the right is my closet. Once again I am using the large wicker hampers I purchased years ago. I did have 3+ boxes of blue fabrics, and can hardly believe that the one large basket barely holds all my blues. Got to stop buying blue!
Well, as you can imagine that expedition into the my sewing room encouraged my organization mania and I am now in the thick of "organizing" my scraps. If I could give new quilters one big HINT - it would be to organize your scraps from the beginning! Here's a pic of my couch. I have gone through the first scraps box and sorted into strips (lights, mediums and darks) small, medium and large squares and rectangles. There are two more boxes of scraps to go!!! Do I see a scrap quilt in the making?? You betcha.
In case you think - silly girl is that all you did on your vacation? Well, no. A good friend and I escaped the city and went to Christie's antique show last weekend. I found a replacement chimney for my great grandfather's oil lamp and this plate for my (not antique) china. Woohoo!
And to finish it all off .... my peonies bloomed! YEAH Here's a pic before the requisite rainstorm blew most of the blossoms away. Luckily I cut two bouquets before the rain, so I had something to enjoy :)

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Anonymous said...

you sure have been busy, glad you found some time in there to go have fun!