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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy 85th!

 Happy 85th birthday! This weekend the family gathered and celebrated our mother/grandmother's birthday. Dinner out at a local restaurant (Michael's) then cards and gifts. They say this side of the family are long livers. I hope so, only  7 more years and she will surpass Great Grandma B! I know she's hoping to see a great grandchild - no pressure on the new bride ;) ;).
So I have not been lazing around . It's a hot humid Sunday and I'm in the kitchen making Strawberry freezer jam! I know they say it will only last in the freezer for 6-8 months, well, I last made jam in 2005, and finished the last jar about 2 months ago. The berries are LOCAL, and cost a fortune (I should have picked my own ...) It will be worth it next winter when I'm craving a PB&J on a toasted English muffin!
I am well on my way to getting my "scraps" in order. Above is a pic of the three boxes I have organized so far. (left) large strips, (top) small 1" strips, and (right) various sized squares. Of course I have a basket yet with various sized triangles, and just plain scrappy scraps which need to be cut into some shape/size then sorted.
And that's been my week/weekend. How about you- whatcha been up to?

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