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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Ah Peaches ...

I love Peaches - they're my favourite fruit. No - wait a minute Strawberries are my favourite - no wait a minute Melon .... oh what the heck. It's summer and fresh LOCAL fruit are in season. What can be better? Mmmmmm fruit and cheerios and sitting in the sun on the patio mmmmm.
Yes folks I'm on vacation and loving it. As per usual my TO DO list was/is huge, but I'm well on my way to completion.Week one was taking care of car and personal business. Week two has included some visiting and lots of sewing. Here's Iris on the ironing board with the "old" cover. It was in bad bad shape and needed recovering badly. TaDa! used up some pretty fabric which was kicking around and voila! Next was the Roman blind for my kitchen window. I get direct sun in the kitchen/dining area until 2 pm every day. This is great in the winter but not so good in the summer. Trouble was figuring out how to and still keep the antique stained glass hanging in the window. Pleased with my results but of course this meant I then needed to make a matching tea cozy, toaster cover and table runner! Just as I was finishing the runner my work horse Kenmore decided to go kaput! OH NO! So quick trip to Coolens and it's fixed - another YEAH! While that was in the shop I did some cleaning/re-arranging ... well, actually I wanted to plug in an old clock radio in my sewing room and, believe it or not, this entailed a major re-organization! I was not especially happy with all the work but am happy with the results. Here's a pic of that little corner!And finally - thanks to the gracious efforts of a quilty friend I now have a cordless Ott lamp. She dared me to make a bag for it (I have a bag for my corded Ott lamp), so ..... here's a pic of my efforts. I have been cleaning in my basement and linen closet and decided to reuse some of my vintage linens ... this bag was made from a previously loved dresser scarf. I think it's kinda cute. What do you think?

Anyway, that's all for now. One more week of vacation, then back to the daily grind. BooHoo.

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great post! enjoyed yur blog :)

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