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Sunday, August 15, 2010

End of Vacation - Waaaaah!

Well, it's the end of this year's summer vacation. I managed to get several items off my TO DO list, including getting rid of the ancient grapevine wreath and replacing it with a STAR Woohoo! I would have rather had something larger - but hey, this works!
I also managed to get lots of sewing done ... even did my version of the CQA leaf bowl . Silly me strictly followed the instructions, for example I used Heat n Bond as the adhesive, next time I'll use basting spray as it is much kinder to your machine and easier to complete the finishing stitching. None-the-less, since I am stubborn and like to complete what I start .... TaDa!! Here's my finished leaf bowl! Credits and Kudos to J Buckley from our guild who designed this project and shared it with us!

What else have I been up to? Well, I also finally got to that sewing machine cloth .... you know, the quilt that sits under your machine and holds all your tools - here's the tutorial from Get Your Craft On. As you can see I'm still on my use your up your stash kick ... and used some lovely yardage I got from a former guild's fabric auction. I decided to get bright for the binding and am very happy with the end effect. Now I can finally get rid of that carpet scrap I've been using under the machine....
That's all for now ... the rest of today will be spent getting ready for the next work week. BooHoo! To all those still asking me "When are you going to retire?" It's too soon to discuss but close enough to start planning! So, stop asking!



Quilt Rat said...

Heat n Bond eh???? Yes I agree, I don't really care for that stuff and that is why I do not generally use it. My experience is that it adds to much stiffness and is more expensive to use.
That is why I suggested fusible web in my instructions (I showed a photo of the web rather than using a "brand" name)
Oh well.....Hope you like the bowl

Idle hands, empty brain ... said...

Yes, Heat n Bond (what was in my cupboard) gums up your needle too much. I have since tossed the stuff and supplied myself with a different product to solve the problem! Ah well, live and learn!